5 Ideas To Help You Create Fresh Facebook Content

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5 Ideas To Help You Create Fresh Facebook Content

Almost all internet marketers agree that content is king. It’s what keeps people informed, entertained and coming back for more. It’s like food that feeds your fans keeping them happy and satisfied, catering to their peculiar tastes and hitting that sweet spot of need. But most local business owners balk at creating content- they either hate writing or can’t seem to generate ideas for content.

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Here are some ideas to help you create great content:

1. Give the Facts

Look for facts that will educate your fans and then try and communicate it in a fascinating way. For example you can create a series of “did you know” articles or “world record” posts. Of course these facts should be relevant to your niche.

2. Tell A Story

Everybody loves a good story. Nothing rivets our attention like a well told story that’s relevant and entertaining. Look for stories about products and people in your niche. You can draw from current news stories like celebrities or viral YouTube videos or you can retell historical stories that will charm your readers.

3. What’s New?

People always what to be in the know about the latest gadget, invention, technology or update. So be on the lookout for the latest developments in your industry and use that as material for your content. One way to do this is to sign up to Google Alerts; it’s a service from Google that alerts you via email of the most up-to- date web and news content based on the topic you choose.

4. Create an Event Diary

This works especially well with the social nature of Facebook. Check the dates and venues for industry events that are happening both online and offline, then create a diary for the week or month and you’ll find your fans eager to receive the latest event list from your local business.

5. A must-have list

Every profession or trade has a must-have list of essential resources such as tools, ingredients, must-visit websites and blogs. As a local business owner, you can be creative and write different must-have lists after researching your niche. For example, a restaurant owner can create a table etiquette resource, a wine list or cutlery checklist. A gym owner can write on the essential things to have in your gym bag while a doctor can create a medical information check-list to have before going for surgery.


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