10 Free Research Tools from Google That Can Help Your Local Business Website: Part I

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#Ask8now – 10 Free Research Tools from #Google That
Can Help Your Local Business Website: Part I
One of the best ways to conduct #online #research for your
#localbusiness is by using the #free #tools that the
worlds largest #searchengine provides. Learn more..

10 Free Research Tools From Google That Can Help Your Local Business Website:  Part I

One of the best ways to conduct online research for your local business is by using the free tools that the worlds largest search engine provides free of charge. In this article we look at the first 5 free research tools from Google that can help your local business website.

1. Google Groups

Google Groups can provide you first-hand insider information about what people are talking about in online forums the problems they face, the questions they are asking, what new developments are taking place and other topics. Armed with this information, you can generate a lot of new business ideas for your local business

2. Google Shopping 

This tool shows you the most popular products being shopped for online in just about any niche. You can use this tool to stock product lines that are top sellers and increase your sales.

3. Google Trends

This tool is constantly updated throughout the day showing the hottest search terms in the US. The search terms tend to be very temporary so what is hot today may be cold tomorrow, but sometimes you may find terms that keep showing up for many days. If you are nimble enough, you can cash in on the fads by using high

traffic keywords to market your products. For example, if there is a craze about a particular toy or a specific cartoon movie, then a local toy store can quickly create a #PPC campaign and tweak its #SEO to cash in on the trend.

4. Google Insights

This tool helps you to research the history of a keyword across time (days, months, years) and location (towns, states and countries), so that you are able to know top and rising search terms related to that keyword and the regions where the interest for that keyword is the highest.


5. Goggle Trends for websites

You can spy on your competition using this free research tool. It will provide you details about what regions their website visitors are coming from, what search terms they are using and what sites they also visit. This should help you create better marketing campaigns to outdo your direct competitors.

These 5 free research tools from Google should get you started to improving your online marketing strategies. In our next article we will look at 5 more free tools.

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