4 Reasons to Advertise Your Local Business on Facebook

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Here are 4 #benefits in #advertising on Facebook

4 Reasons to Advertise Your Local Business on Facebook

It’s often confusing for local business owners to know what the benefits are to advertising on Facebook. A lot of people wonder whether Facebook is all about hype and whether it can translate into real results for business. This article explores 4 benefits to advertising on Facebook.

1. The biggest benefit of Facebook advertising is that as a local business owner you can target your ads directly to those people who actually enjoy and have an interest in the products and services in your niche. When someone in your target market logins to their Facebook page, they don’t see the same ads like everybody else because Facebook gleans through their profile preferences and shows them ads that have similar characteristics.

trending2. Facebook advertising rides on social trending and social networking which is a new and powerful phenomenon that is taking the business world by storm. What this simply means is that people have connected themselves to each other in giant social networks such that what one person does or says is immediately visible to others in their network. The resultant effect is that other people in the network often follow and ape that person’s actions creating a domino effect called “going viral”.

3. The visual element of Facebook ads is another definite plus for local business owners. It is often easier to express what you want to say in a picture and pictures will always attract more attention compared to text. This provides local business owners a definite advantage as many of them deal in physical products or services that lend well to visual advertising.

4. Currently the cost of advertising on Facebook is a lot cheaper than pay per click campaigns on search engine advertising programs. Search engine PPC is both saturated and extremely competitive therefore the rates have skyrocketed. This isn’t helpful to local business owners who have a small budget and don’t want to deal with a high advertising bill.


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