4 Free Tools To Research Demographics For Your Facebook Ad.

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4 Free Tools To Research Demographics For Your Facebook Ad.

Unlike Google Ads which are based on keywords, Facebook ads are based on demographics. Demographics simply means the characteristics of a population such as their age, sex, income levels, education, interests, behavior patterns and so on. Therefore, Facebook ads offer a very direct and personal means of marketing your local business because you can target very specific people who are most likely to use or already use your products and services.

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Before you create your ad, it pays to do demographic research so you can have the target market data to use as you fill in the ad form. Here are free tools to do your research.

1. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

You want to first get the top 10 sites ranked for your niche in the search engines so type in your niche keywords and write down a list of those websites.

2. Quantcast.com

This site allows you to see the demographic profile of people who visit the 10 websites. Simply input the website name and click on the demographic link. You will be provided with the gender, age, ethnicity, number of children, household income and education level of the typical visitor to that website. You can also get geographic data by clicking on the geographic link that will show you the countries, cities and states from where the visitors come from.

3. Google Ad Planner 

This free tool gives you both the demographic data and the interests of the visitors to the top 10 sites. Simply type in the website name and the resulting screen will show you the audience interests that you will want to note down and other websites they frequent. It also provides keywords used by this audience in their searches which you can use in the next tool.

4. Google Insights

This free tool provides in-depth geographic data. Enter the keywords used by your niche market and you will get the top 10 geographic locations your keyword generates interest. You can view the locations worldwide or within a specific country.


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