4 Copywriting Principles to Use to Create Your Facebook Ad Body Text

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#Ask8now – 4 #Copywriting #Principles to Use
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Time-honored #adcopy 3principles
that you can apply when writing your copy.
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4 Copywriting Principles to Use to Create Your Facebook Ad Body Text

Writing a Facebook Ad for your local business can be quite tricky when you consider that you only have a135 character limit within the body text section to convince your readers to click through. So how can you write compelling ad copy in 135 characters?

The best place to learn effective strategies to create your Facebook ad copy are from master copywriters. Here are time-honored ad copy principles that you can apply when writing your copy.

Catch their attention

breaking newsUse attention –grabbing words and sentences that make it hard to ignore your ad. It’s best to use these in the very first sentence of your ad so you can hook your reader to read your ad to the end. Examples of words and sentences that engage your reader are:

Warning! Who else wants….? Finally! At last! Breaking News. Do you…?

For more examples, read our articles on Facebook Ad headlines and use the same methods. After all the body text is like a small series of headlines so you can apply the same principles.

Capture their interest

This is where you use keywords that appeal to your target audience. Once you have chosen your demographic market, research words and phrases that appeal specifically to this audience. Learn the language used by people in your niche market and incorporate those words into your ad. For example, a golf shop owner seeking to sell golf clubs would use terms like ‘belly putter’ and ‘Texas wedge’ in his copy and any golfer reading that ad would immediately understand and relate to it. Using industry specific language is a brilliant way to capture a reader’s interest in your ad.

Stimulate their desire

You do this by creating a value proposition in your ad which means you offer a major benefit to your reader. This does not mean describing features of your product or services, but meeting a need in the mind of your reader. You could offer a solution to their problem, help them to achieve a long-held desire, help them overcome feelings of inadequacy or shame, appeal to their sense of pride or honor and so on. For example, a car dealership would write “Now you can own a Lexus” and that would be more stimulating than “We sell Lexus cars”.

Provoke them to take action

saleThis is where you whip up the emotions of the reader to take action. You have to make them feel that they need to do something about their situation and click on your ad.

You can either

  • Offer something for free like free samples, a free trial period, coupon codes etc
  • Include a time element such as offering a sale until a certain time or date or promising that they will have a solution to their problem in 10 days.
  • Use direct command words like ‘watch’, ‘call’, ‘order now’ etc.


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