3 Tips to Creating a Successful Craigslist Advert for Your Local Business.

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3 Tips to Creating a Successful Craigslist Advert for Your Local Business.

Despite Craigslist being as an online advertising medium, most businesses often bungle up their adverts and wonder why they don’t get a positive return. Here are a few tips on how to create an effective Craigslist ad for your local business:

1. Be Brief

As you write your copy for your Craigslist ad, try to keep it short and punchy. This is not a long sales letter that spills all the details about the product or service you’re selling. By keeping it short and sweet, you will arouse curiosity for potential buyers to call you or click through to your website. Once you draw them in, you can now give them more information and use your persuasion skills to make a sale. In general, keep your Craigslist ad to the point but interesting too.

2. Make your ad stand out.

You may wonder how to do this thinking that a Craigslist ad is just about text, but you can use so many symbols to draw attention to your ad. Most PPC advertising programs like Google Adwords and Facebook Ads don’t allow you to do this, but Craigslist allows the use of symbols. You can use stars, arrows, currency signs etc. For example if you were advertising a local business sale, you can write your ad like this: ***Save $$$$ on Ladies Nike Shoes***. Another way to make your ad stand out is to use attractive pictures and images about your products. All you need is a simple point and shoot camera and some free picture editing software.

3. Don’t give up

If you ask most people who complain that Craigslist doesn’t work about how many times they advertised, they will often say “Oh I tried for a week and gave up.” The key to any successful marketing campaign is keeping at it consistently and constantly adjusting the ads to find out what works best. A good strategy is to keep relisting your Craigslist every 2-3 days, using different copy and images and see which one converts the most.


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