The 3 Main Social Networks Every Local Business Should Join

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#Ask8now – 3 Main #SocialNetworks Every #LocalBusiness Should Join
Here are 3 popular social networks that enables your #business
to tap into targeted niche markets, gain a #following and convert
them into #subscribers and ultimately #customers.

The 3 Main Social Networks Every Local Business Should Join

Online social networks are a rich goldmine just waiting to be exploited by the savvy local business owner. Joining these networks enables your business to tap into targeted niche markets, gain a following and convert them into subscribers and ultimately customers.

Here are 3 popular social networks every local business should think of joining:

Today nobody underestimates the power of Facebook. It’s a social network behemoth with over 500 million users and is the most trafficked website in the United States, overshadowing even Google. Your local business can get a piece of the pie by having a business fan page drawing thousands of people whose likes, interests and hobbies are a perfect match with your business. It is also a great way to publicize events such as sales,  discounts, coupon codes, new products, videos, real like events (concerts, shows, seminars etc). Above all you can use its advert program to target people by their location, likes and interests.


Despite being limited to the 140 character limit, Twitter is a great medium to create a constant stream of information telling people about the latest happenings in your local business. It’s almost like instant messaging to a worldwide audience, yet local enough to draw people within a certain radius of your physical premises. Inserting links to your website or squeeze page can garner a lot of email opt-ins


YouTube outranks all other video sharing sites with a 40% share of the gigantic 30 billion internet video content. It’s a good place to start with your video marketing. The key to getting your site high Google rankings is to optimize your videos with keyword phrases in your title, description and tags and to encourage viral popularity of your video by encouraging viewers to click like or thumbs up.


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