3 Free Web Analytics Tools Every Local Business Website Should Use

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#Ask8now – 3 #Free #WebAnalytics #Tools
Every #LocalBusiness #Website Should Use.
3 Most popular free #webanalytics tools from
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for your #local #business website.

3 Free Web Analytics Tools Every Local Business Website Should Use

If you’ve ever thought of shelling out wads of hard-earned cash for a paid web analytics tool, then you might want to think again after reading this article. Listed here are 3 of the most popular free web analytics tools from some of the biggest internet companies, which you can use on your local business website.

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Google Analytics (google.com/analytics)

Google Analytics is the most well known and most widely used free analytics tools used by small and large businesses alike. Its most endearing features are its ease of use and its ability to be integrated with other Google functions such as Google Adwords, a popular PPC advertising platform. Google Analytics can provide basic reports on site visits, conversion rates but also more advanced reports such as those on e-commerce statistics and so much more.

Yahoo Web Analytics (web.analytics.yahoo.com)

Yahoo Web Analytics provides a more in-depth analysis compared to Google, so if you’re looking for more customized options like demographics, site user behavior, better profiling and filtering then you may want to try this tool. It’s a must-have tool for any local business wanting more analytic options.

Google Website Optimizer (google.com/websiteoptimizer)

If you’ve every wanted to split test your website- meaning moving different parts of it around and see what works best- then the Google Website Optimizer can help you do that. It is definitely a more complex tool and rightly so considering the intricacies involves in split- testing. As you experiment with your local business website, changing the text, images, ads, landing pages and other website content, the Optimizer tool can let you know which experiments are converting the best, resulting a highly optimized website.

These 3 tools can provide more than enough data to improve your local business website and the best thing about them is that they are free and easily downloadable.


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