100% Google Ads Optimization Score – Is it Really Necessary?

100% Google Ads Optimization Score - Is it Really Necessary?

Of late Google has started sending automated emails to its advertisers, just to let them know that they lack a 100% optimization score in their Google Ads account. This could be alarming though, as a perfect 100% optimization might be harmful to most of the campaigns. This article details on the facts of Google Ads Optimization and if it is necessary.

Google Ads Optimization Score – What does it mean?

Google gives out its optimization score as an evaluation of how well your Google Ads account is set up to perform at its best. Any Ad campaign can get a score from 0% to 100%. Where 100 means that your account is best set to perform at its fullest extent. The optimization scores can be viewed at the campaign and manager account stages. This score can be presented for the shopping, search ads and the display campaigns. After the roll out of the importance of optimization score, Google has tried its best to expand the feature, and added many recommendations to improve on the score.

How to improve the ad account?

Here’s how the experts from PPC agency NYC, works to grow the traffic of an ad account.

  • Research on the various keyword opportunities that attract quality visitors to your website
  • Make effective use of various remarketing campaigns to get the past visitors back to the site, most of them which are likely to covert during the second visit
  • Work on the broad match keyword to target larger audience
  • Deploy negative keywords to limit the searches that the ad must not appear for

How to improve the quality of clicks?

Using layers of bid adjustments is one best strategy of the PPC agency NYC, based on which the ads can target the customers with the past user data. For example, if more conversions are recorded on Sundays the bids can be increased on that day. Likewise, the bud adjustments must be made for the devices, gender, age, area etc. The more the audience is targeted personally, the more likely they are to convert. Meaning, the more the brand is positioned for their view, it increases the higher chances of them clicking on the ad and getting converted.

Moreover, it is vital to check the account and find out the unnecessary spending on users who do not convert. In case, your ads are showing up on Thursdays at 5am, but it never had any conversions during that time, then you may want to turn off your ads during that time to save the budget for the remaining hours. The PPC agency New York says that finding and fixing the needless spending will save a lot on your ads budget.

If you happen to identify that your optimization score is below 100% get in touch with a PPC New York agency, they will check out the Google recommendations and let you know why they may or may not be the right choice for your brand.

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