10 Free Research Tools from Google That Can Help Your Local Business Website: Part II

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#Ask8now – 10 Free #Research #Tools from #Google That
Can Help Your Local Business Website: Part II
Here are 5 more tools from this #searchengine giant
that will greatly benefit your #localbusiness. Learn more..

10 Free Research Tools from Google That Can Help Your Local Business Website: Part II

In a previous article we look at 5 free research tools from Google, namely Google Groups, Google Trends, Google Shopping, Google Insights and Google Trends for websites. Here are 5 more tools from this search engine giant that will greatly benefit your local business.

1. Google Adwords 

If you are wondering what short tail and long tail keywords to use for your website content, then this is the tool to use. You can get 100 suggestions and increase that to 800 suggestions if you sign up for a free account using a Gmail address. You can specify broad, phrase and exact match keywords (exact tends to give more realistic results by the way) and even select different niche categories.

2. Google Suggest

By setting up your Google search page with this feature, Google will automatically create search suggestions as you type in one letter after the next and displays the number of pages competing for that search term. This allows you to automatically view high and low competition keyword phrases and this can help give you ideas for better search terms for your local business website

3. Google Blog Search

This tool can help you research what bloggers in your niche are currently blogging about and what the top stories are. You can glean a lot of information about what people are currently interested in and the most popular topics that relate to your local business. For example if the most popular topic in consumer blogs is a certain product recall, it would be wise to avoid promoting that product due to the negative publicity it is currently receiving.

4. YouTube 

This video sharing site is owned by Google and with millions of videos getting uploaded per day, it provides valuable information on the most popular videos being viewed in different niches. This can help you research the latest topics and help you create your own local business videos.

5. Google Analytics 

This tool helps you to analyze the traffic that comes to your website. You can use it to calculate the number of visitors coming from each of your marketing methods such as PPC, Facebook Fanpages, Facebook Ads, and Article Marketing etc. It can also show you which visits are resulting in conversions like opt-ins and sales. It can provide metric data using graphs showing you where your best traffic is coming from. It can also create custom reports so you can view the information in the way that is most useful to your local business.


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